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Hi, I’m Jill Sullivan, Publisher of Woof Magazine and Founder of Project Pawsitive. Woof Magazine is a free monthly digital magazine app and a blog where dog lovers can learn rare, fascinating, and cool facts about their pets, along with advice from trusted sources like Ethos Veterinary Hospitals experts and professional positive dogs trainers.

About the Publisher

Jill from Woof Magazine

When I was a kid, I had a wonderful pup named Muffin. As an only child, I would come home after a tough day at school and tell Muffin all my problems (usually through tears). It was through these times that I developed a true, unrelenting appreciation for animals.

In my adult life, one of the hardest times has been when I lost my dad to a Glioblastoma brain tumor and my 2-year-old rescue dog, Molly, to Lupus within a few months of each other. My world turned gray after they went to Heaven. It was during this time of darkness when a friend of mine said something so profound that it turned my life on its axis and my depression into passion. “Jill, this is the point in your life where you have hit the proverbial fork in the road.” Her expression was so serious. “If you take a left, you can continue feeling sad and bitter. But, if you take the right, you can turn your loss into something that changes lives.”

I Took the Right

I started with donating my writing services to animal shelters in need. When I was there, I saw how the buildings were crumbling. Of course they were! All of the donations were (rightfully) going to the care of the animals in need. But, without the buildings, how would the shelter volunteers care for animals?

How I Started Renovating Animal Shelters

What Happened Next Sat Me Right Up in Bed in the Dead of Night

I would raise the money to renovate animal shelters in need myself.

Since 2009, I have worked really hard with some really amazing people along the way to raise funds and renovate shelters. In my estimation, Project Pawsitive, has helped over 10,000 shelter animals and counting.

Woof Magazine's mission is renovating shelter through Project Pawsitive.

A Big Break? Being on Animal Planet

One of the coolest times with Project Pawsitive so far was when Animal Planet saw my renovation videos and created two specials featuring my mission. We were able to change the lives of shelter animals and the volunteers that care for them to the tune of $300,000 in renovations! Check out a clip of me on Pet Nation Renovation here.

I thought this was going to be the big break I needed to be able to renovate shelters all over the world and not have to struggle with raising so much money to do it. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. But, I would NEVER give up on my mission to continue to save shelters in need.

How You Help Project Pawsitive Without Spending a Dime

I created Woof Magazine to not only share my love for dogs, but to also be a place where dog lovers like me can go in large masses and download a free dog magazine like Woof and help me rebuild shelters without spending a dime. You see, the more you visit www.woofmagazine.com and the more people who download the free Woof Magazine digital app, I can raise money through advertisements and donate my profits to my mission, Project Pawsitive.

So, please enjoy Woof Magazine and Woof’s digital magazine app and come back as often as possible!

xoxo, Jill

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