Pet Detective: A Medium’s Mission to Find Lost Pets

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Written by Crystal Ward Kent

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June Elaine Evans
The New Hampshire Medium and Animal Communicator

Pet Detective: A Medium’s Mission to Find Lost Pets

A loud noise spooks a dog and it runs off; a door is left ajar and a cat rushes out. The owner calls, but to no avail. Perhaps nothing strikes more fear into a pet lover’s heart than realizing that their beloved companion is lost. Are they hiding nearby? Or have they run far away in their haste to escape whatever spooked them? No one knows, and the thought of them out there alone is devastating.

There is a critical need for help in finding lost pets, and thankfully, there are those who provide such aid. Pet Detectives International is one such firm, although the way that they operate is unique. The detectives do use “boots on the ground” tactics, where they look for physical clues and gather information about pet habits and surroundings, but what sets Pet Detectives International apart is their use of the spiritual aspect. Founder and evidential medium/animal communicator June Elaine Evans of Newmarket, New Hampshire is able to successfully use her telepathic gifts to find lost pets.  At Pet Detectives International, she is partnered with four other mediums, Mari Cartagenova from Massachusetts, Pamela Edmunds from Arizona, Rommie Buhler Hope from Australia, and Sabra Mack Stone Munion from North Dakota. Cartagenova focus on “hot” cases, where pets have recently gone missing, whereas Evans and the rest of the team work on cold cases, where pets have been absent for a month or more. 

Pet Detective Woof Magazine

Evans knew that she had a special bond with animals from the time she was a child. “I remember being eight years old and realizing that I could communicate telepathically with my dog, King,” she says. “He could tell me things and I could understand him. However, I never spoke of it, not even to my parents, for fear that people would think I was crazy. I was also always able to find lost cats. Somehow, I would come across these strays and know where they belonged.”  As she grew older, Evans “kind of buried” her telepathic gift, preferring to fit in and get on with life. She married Jerry, the “love of her life,” and they enjoyed 30 good years together. After Jerry passed, she was shattered, but it was then that her telepathic powers re-emerged.

“One night in 2010, about a month after Jerry passed, I kept hearing these clicking sounds and seeing little lights flashing off and on,” she says. “I also felt like I could hear Jerry speaking to me—not the way that we speak to each other, but rather I could sense his thoughts.  I thought I was going crazy because of grief. I saw my doctor, who I’d known for many years, and he reassured me that I wasn’t having a breakdown. He said if Jerry spoke to me, to speak back, so I did. Jerry urged me to record what was happening and sure enough, I could tell that if I spoke to him, the lights and noises occurred in response. Once I knew it was real, I listened to what he had to say. He reminded me that I have a telepathic gift and can communicate with animals. He urged me to have faith in my abilities and use my gift to help others because he knew that would be important to me.”

A Spiritual Bond

Evans explains that animal communication is when a person’s energy merges with that of an animal. There are no spoken words, but rather the human communicator is able to receive information from the animal’s perspective, including images, sounds, smells, and physical and emotional sensations. The communicator is also able to exchange messages with the animal—even if they are thousands of miles away. 

Pet Detective Woof Magazine

Evans still wasn’t sure that what she was experiencing was real, or that this was her path, so she visited with a medium. After four visits, the medium convinced her that the information was credible, that Evans had a real gift, and that it was up to her whether to use it or let it be. Evans took the plunge; at first, she simply helped friends and neighbors with finding lost pets. News of her abilities—and successes—spread, and soon she was deluged with requests. For the next six years, she worked from her home without taking any payment for her services.  Finally, she decided to take a break—the constant and intense communication efforts were draining her energy.

“About this time, Jerry urged me to charge for my services, and to bring in helpers,” she says. “He said that I could use some of the money I made to help animals in need, and that helpers would allow me to aid more people. I put an ad on Facebook, asking for animal communicators who might want to work with me to help find lost pets, and that’s how I found Maria and Pamela. Soon after, Pet Detectives International was formed, and later expanded.”

Pet Detective Woof Magazine

Evans uses animal spirit guides in her work.  These are animals who have passed on but who are available and incredibly accurate in helping find missing pets. When she gets a cold case, she first reaches out to one of her spirit guides to see if the missing pet is in the spirit world, or is still on the earthly plain. “Animals who have passed don’t like to talk about how they died,” she says. “They simply want their owners to know that they have passed on, but that they are still with them every day. However, animals can let me know details about themselves that I can relay to the owners so that they know this animal is theirs. However, there are owners who refuse to believe that their pet is dead, and we accept that. If the owners want to keep searching, that is up to them. We can only share what is told to us.”

If the animal is still alive, Evans then uses helpers to search for traditional clues where the animal went missing. She also gets impressions from the animal as to where they are and where they have been. Putting all the pieces together has often led to the animal being found. Pet owners have been amazed at the accuracy of Evans’ work.

Finding the Lost

While there have been many poignant and powerful cases for Pet Detectives International, two stand out. Odie a small, white dog, had been missing for 64 days in California’s Santa Clarita Valley. Hundreds of flyers had been posted and there had been countless searches up and down a particular area. There had been Odie sightings but no luck in capturing the dog. Evans was called in, and even though she had never been to the area, was able to identify an RV park, a river, and a place under a bridge where he was being fed.  As it turned out, a homeless camp was located under the bridge and the residents were feeding Odie. A local search and rescue group partnered with one of the homeless men and the next time Odie appeared, he was rescued. 

Eddy, another little dog, was the firm’s first international case. He went missing in a mountainous region in Ireland. Cartagenova was able to describe locations in a village four miles away where Eddy had been. Later, she said she was feeling a connection between a red cloth flag and the number 6. As it turned out, the red flag was tied to the gate of a logging road and the number “6” was on an old signpost by a nearby log cabin. Cartagenova said that Eddy would be found on the sixth day, and she was—and at 6 p.m.

Evans hopes that as word spreads about her abilities and the successes of Pet Detectives International, she will gain the credibility that she needs to have police departments work with her. There are some significant cases that have troubled her for a while.  “There is a serial cat killer on the loose in Washington State,” she says. “Cats are being strangled and then surgically mutilated. Some of these cats in the Spirit World have come to me asking me to help stop the killer. They have information that might help the police, but I need the police to believe in me so that I can relay these tips. The other case is one involving mustangs who were killed out west. One night, I felt a horse standing next to me. It said that it was one of a number of mustangs that had been killed and that it’s name was Scarlett. The mustang said it belonged to a woman named Madeleine Pickens and that the horses had died from lack of water. Their water line had been deliberately cut and the horses knew who had done it.

“The next day, I went on Google and found that Madeleine was indeed a wealthy Nevada rancher who was protecting a large mustang herd on her land; other ranchers did not like her protecting the mustangs, and that a number of her horses had been killed. Her favorite mustang was called Scarlett. Again, I know my information could be helpful, but I need to have my credibility more established so that law enforcement takes me seriously. There is so much good that we can do, not just in finding lost pets, but also in helping with cases of animal cruelty. That is the goal—to do all that we can to help animals.”

Author’s note: You can learn more about Pet Detectives International at Learn more about Evan’s personal journey in her book “Love After Life: The Birth of a Medium.” She also invites you to friend her on Facebook and ask questions. 

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